Monday, March 15, 2010

Cross Encounter with Alice

A couple of Sundays ago I took the cross out to the corner of Sixteenth Street and Grand Ave. in Grover Beach. As I approached the corner, I could see a person dressed up as the Statue of Liberty. This is Alice. Alice is dressed up as the Statue of Liberty because Alice works for one of those tax preparation companies that hire sign-holders to advertise for them. This is my cross encounter with Alice.

Please remember to offer up prayer for Alice in the days, weeks, and months to come. Alice is one of those people who I will never forget. I pray that you too will not soon forget Alice.


  1. It has taken me a a bit but I finally got thru the 3 vids on your encounter with Alice. Your compassion for the lost is clearly evident in the way you talk with people. Please know you are prayed for and, as you have requested, I will remember Alice in my prayers as well. God be praised.

  2. All praise to Him who reigns on High! Thanks brother.