Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Earth Day 2010 - Rob

I met a very nice man named Rob at Earth Day SLO. He gave me a few minutes of his time and allowed me to capture his thoughts on Earth Day in this on camera interview. Then our conversation bridged over to discussing matters of morality (right and wrong); and then on to the Law and the Gospel.

The problem with these on camera interviews is I always feel the need to keep it short – in order to respect the person and their generosity in granting me a few minutes of their time. The good thing is that our conversation didn't end once the camera was turned off. As best I could, I expounded upon the truths of the gospel more fully to Rob and pleaded with Him to turn from sin and trust the Lord Jesus Christ.

Please remember to pray for Rob.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

What Happened to Tolerance at Earth Day SLO?

What happened at the Earth Day Celebration at Mission Plaza, SLO when I was invited behind a booth to sit and chat about spiritual matters? Watch this 28 second teaser to find out.

Why was the Reverend unhappy with me? Come back later this week to find out.

Is this what you would call building bridges of understanding among diverse traditions?

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Organic Congregations

Stone the Preacher is a blog written by Steve Sanchez. In regard to evangelism, his is one of the most encouraging blogs that I follow. Over the years I've read about his experiences in evangelism. Some of the most memorable though are his encounters while preaching open air to "Organic Congregations." I'll let him describe to you what an organic congregation is in detail if you're interested. But basically it's a captive audience. People line up outside of stores, sporting events, restaurants, etc. - and there just standing there waiting. People like Steve Sanchez take advantage of this Organic Congregation and preach the gospel to them.
Splash Cafe' in Pismo Beach, CA makes a famous Clam Chowder Bread Bowl. On weekends, there may be twenty to thirty people standing in line outside (wrapped around the side of the building) waiting to get their clam chowder. About every ten minutes or so there is a fresh bunch of ears just standing there waiting. This is our organic congregation.
On Palm Sunday 2010, Brother Al Martinez and Sister Kristi Walker came and spent the afternoon with me evangelizing in Pismo Beach. Upon arriving in Pismo we decided to take advantage of the crowd gathered outside of Splash Cafe'.

To GOD alone be the glory!

One Sunday Afternoon

Two videos that capture several gospel conversations I had with different people on the corner of Oak Park Blvd. and Grand Ave. in Grover Beach - one Sunday afternoon.

A few of these encounters seem to have no conclusion - like there's missing footage. Bummer! The battery on my camera gave out. So why include the footage? I wanted to demonstrate the variety of people and conversations you can have with them. In just a few short hours many heard a Biblical message that glorifies GOD. In just a few short hours many heard the message that our gracious GOD may use as a means to sovereignty, inwardly call them to repentance and faith in Jesus Christ.

There is nothing that hinders the sovereignty of GOD – nothing! His purposes will not be frustrated in the least, even if I’m derelict when it comes to evangelism. In fact, He doesn’t need me at all.

However, there is one thing that is hindered – our joy in Him. The Christian experiences great joy in Him when we’re obeying Him. When we are unwilling to obey we suffer the loss of the joy that comes from fulfilling the Great Commission – “GO.”

There is great joy to be had in obeying our Master. Evangelism is a labor too but primarily it’s a joy because in it you’ll experience Him. He is our joy! If you’re not experiencing the joy that Christians experience when evangelizing, I pray that you would begin to take steps to change that.

Christian, our Master gave us the Gospel. When was the last time you were obedient to His call to "preach the Gospel to every creature"? I’m not proclaiming that I’m Mr. Obedient here. I confess that I have tendencies to disobey the Lord Jesus and shy away from doing what I know I should. What I am trying to do is encourage you.

MY CHALLENGE TO YOU: Prayerfully set aside just one hour out of one Sunday afternoon for intentional evangelism. Glorify GOD and love people by being an obedient servant to the one who laid His life down for you.

The emphasis of the first video is sin, righteousness, and judgment (the context of the gospel). Then in the second video you'll notice the emphasis is on the Good News and a call to repent and believe.

Saturday, April 3, 2010


Before thy cross I kneel and see
the heinousness of my sin
my iniquity that caused thee to be 'made a curse',
the evil that excites the severity of divine wrath.

Show me the enormity of my guilt by
the crown of thorns,
the pierced hands and feet,
the bruised body,
thy dying cries.

Thy blood is the blood of incarnate GOD,
its worth infinite, its value beyond all thought.
Infinite must be the evil and guilt that demands such a price.
Sin is my malady, my monster, my foe, my viper,
born in my birth,
alive in my life,
strong in my character,
dominating my faculties, following me as a shadow,
intermingling with my every thought,
my chain that holds me captive in the empire of my soul.

Sinner that I am, why should the sun give me light,
the air supply breath,
the earth bear my tread,
its fruits nourish me,
its creatures subserve my ends?

Yet thy compassions yearn over me,
thy heart hastens to my rescue,
thy love endured my curse,
thy mercy bore my deserved stripes.

Let me walk humbly in the lowest depths of humiliation,
bathed in thy blood,
tender of conscience,
triumphing gloriously as an heir of salvation.

taken from The Valley of Vision