Monday, April 25, 2011

Mission Good Friday 2011

Brother Jeff Harrison and I participated in the Project Ezra: Mission Good Friday outreach. What is Mission Good Friday you ask?

On Good Friday through Easter, Christians from all over the world went into the public-square, stood atop their “soap-box,” opened up their Bibles, and read aloud from Matthew 26-28. Brother Jeff and I had the privilege of reading and preaching to those gathered at Pismo Beach Pier on Good Friday.

This video includes segments of the reading. Please forgive my poor video editing. I think I was too tired when I edited this so some of the transitions are weak. Please also forgive the poor audio quality. It was windy at the coast - that always makes it tough to capture clean open air audio.

Christian, I hope you’re encouraged by this! You may not be an “evangelist.” But you can do this. You don’t have to be “gifted” to read aloud from the Bible. Just pray, grab your Bible, find public place where people gather, stand atop a planter, bench, or bring your own box, open up your mouth and read aloud from the Word of God. That’s it – simple. Like the rest of us who engage in the public reading of Scripture, you’ll be surprised how our LORD will use you to reach out to lost people. It’s a true joy!

In addition to reading aloud from the Bible, Jeff and I both preached (I’ll try to upload some of that footage later this week). At one point when I was atop the box, a young man named Jason approached me (at approximately 8:46) and we engaged in a 1-2-1 open air encounter. Many people, on and off camera, listened to our simple exchange. Because Jason’s family/friends began calling for him at the end, the encounter was a bit rushed. However, I’m positive this young man and others who stood listening, heard exactly what our Lord wanted them to hear at that time. I’m praying that GOD will convict this young man of sin, righteousness, and judgment – that Jason would see the beauty of the crucified and risen Christ, and be born again.

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