Thursday, February 21, 2013

Abortion Abolition: What’s The Right Approach?

Every other Thursday at Planned Parenthood San Luis Obispo CA, the abortionist and their murderous cronies perform surgical abortions.  This particular abortion mill opens at 7am.  From 7 am to 7:15 am the abortion mill workers begin filing in.  They are more often than not, dressed in medical garb.  Most of them are also always carrying or wearing a long, clean, white medical lab coat.  These are individuals who are doing all they can to come to work and appear as though they are working a normal job.  However, as you and I know, the “work” they do isn’t normal at all. Clinical? Yes.  Legal? Yes [for the time being].  NormalNO.

Sometimes these workers are eating breakfast on the run as they enter the abortuary. I’ve seen them come to “work” carrying celebratory birthday materials and foods (presumably for party festivities within the abortuary).  I’ve seen them go into the abortuary carrying something as common as a dozen eggs (presumably to share with co-workers).  I’ve seen them walk down the sidewalk toward the abortion mill, smiling, laughing and walking with the most casual, nonchalant stride - as if they were walking someplace to get an ice-cream.  Knowing what these abortion workers do day in and day out makes these very common things sickening.  It says one thing about these abortion workers.  It speaks of their hard-heartedness.  They are indeed cold-blooded killers.  So what’s the “right approach” when dealing with these people? 

Several years ago, when I first became active in the abortion abolition effort, I started by simply praying, observing, and listening as I stood in front of this abortuary.   Because of the lack of Christians involved in this kind of ministry, more often than not it was the Roman Catholic sidewalk counselors who would engage these abortion workers.  One of the common things I heard these counselors say to the abortion workers when they would enter the abortuary is, [with a soft tone] “We’re continuing to pray for you that you would choose to use your talents to save life and not end it.”  It is very common to hear these non-Christian counselors say this kind of thing.

IMAGINE!  You’re standing on a sidewalk, when a man you don’t know walks past you with an axe in his hand.  As he walks past you, you notice he’s smiling and moving closer toward an unsuspecting three-year-old child who’s sitting down on the sidewalk with his back to the man.  As the man get’s closer, you begin to understand the evil intentions of this man.  He’s going to murder the three-year-old child with the axe!  What’s the right approach?  Is the right approach to very softly say, “Sir, I’m going to continue to pray for you that you would choose to use your talents to save life and not end it”?  Does that seem like the right approach? 

Then there are the countless moms and dads and their friends and family who support them in murdering their unborn children.  They begin filling the parking lot at 7:30 am.  Most of them too are just as hard-hearted as the abortion workers described above.  One daddy who I met this past week in front of the abortuary is a man named Johnny.  You can watch my encounter with Johnny in the video to follow.  He’s a student who drove his wife/girlfriend there to murder their child.  After getting his wife/girlfriend settled in the abortion mill, he came back out to his car to get a text book and some beef jerky.  It appeared to me that he thought he would get some studying done and have a snack while he waited for the dismemberment, decapitating, crushing, bloody murder of his child.  I pleaded with Johnny!  I showed graphic photos of aborted babies.  I shared GOD’s Word with Johnny, speaking of sin, righteousness, and judgment.  After some time with Johnny, he seemed unmoved and cold.  As he started back toward the abortion mill, I pleaded with him to show courage, be a man and go in there and save his child from death.  He responded with, “I think it took a lot of courage for me to come here today.”

All of that to say this – In my limited experience, I’ve never met ONE PERSON involved in the murder of unborn children who was tender-hearted.  Not one!  These are proud, self-righteous, self-serving, wicked, evil, hard-hearted people.  They are just like I used to be before the kindness and mercy of GOD broke my hard heart.  What’s the right approach in dealing with these people?

I met another young man named Jay outside the abortuary that same day.  You can watch the lengthy encounter I had with Jay in the video to follow.  He too was the father of a child who would later be murdered.  He was not only the daddy of the unborn baby but he also provided the transportation to the abortuary for his girlfriend Michelle.  He said that he was against the abortion.  He also told me that his girlfriend forged his name on some papers in order to get the abortion.  For a short period of time, there was a San Luis Obispo PD sergeant who was there and I encouraged Jay to tell the officer about the alleged forgery.  I was hoping this would buy more time to plead with her.  However, Jay wouldn’t do it!  I spent well over an hour with Jay – pleading with him, sharing the Word of God with him, speaking of sin, righteousness and judgment.  In the end, while it seemed to me that Jay was open about “listening” to GOD’s warnings and even the good news, he was hard-hearted about doing God’s Word and utterly refused to repent or even lift a finger to save the life of his unborn child.

I’ve purposed myself to do all that I can to be there in front of this abortuary on these surgical abortion days.  However, due to my work, the time I’ve spent there has been limited.  Because of this, my experience level is also limited.  Each time I’ve had the opportunity to go, I’ve personally struggled with the “right approach.”

However, the one thing I am confident in is no matter what the “approach” is it must be rooted in proclaiming the Word of God.  It must be gospel-centered.  It must be Christ-exalting.  And it must include a firm and urgent plea to repentance from murder and faith toward Jesus Christ.

I’ve learned a lot by making, watching and listening to these videos.  There are times in each of these videos where I think I blew it.  One time in particular I literally pointed my finger at a man as I was rebuking him for choosing to murder his child.  In the heat of the moment it seemed natural.  However, after watching it and listening to the words I was saying at the same time, I’m going to do my best to refrain from literal finger-pointing.  Have you ever finger pointed?

There is another aspect to this kind of ministry that I struggle with.  That is, making the assumption that each woman entering the mill is there for an abortion.  As I said, the day that I purpose to go is always a surgical abortion day.  Other indicators that these women are getting abortions are the “comfortable” clothes they wear and the day bag they often carry into the clinic with them.  There is really no reason that I can think of why women would be going into this small clinic other than to get a surgical abortion.  I may be wrong, but this is my assumption that I operate on when I see people approaching the mill.  So when I speak to these people, I speak to them with the firmness and urgency that this murderous situation demands.  Am I accusatory?  Without specific knowledge of each individual’s situation going into the abortuary, isn’t being accusatory almost inevitable?  What’s the right approach?

These videos are NOT a “HOW TO” on abortion abolition activity.  I’m still learning – that means I’m making mistakes.  I’ve published these videos for several reasons.  One reason is so that my Pastor and the church of which I am a member can get an idea how I’m engaging in this ministry – trusting that they will hold me accountable and provide prayer support and the guidance that I need.  Secondly I hope these videos will be an encouragement to you my dear Brother and Sister in Christ.  Thirdly, I’m hoping that my Brothers and Sisters in Christ who’ve been at it for a while will watch these videos and offer me some constructive criticism – I really need it. 

My ultimate aim is to love GOD and love my neighbor through being a herald of the Gospel of Jesus Christ on the streets and participating regularly in abortion abolition activity to the glory of GOD alone.


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