Saturday, April 17, 2010

Organic Congregations

Stone the Preacher is a blog written by Steve Sanchez. In regard to evangelism, his is one of the most encouraging blogs that I follow. Over the years I've read about his experiences in evangelism. Some of the most memorable though are his encounters while preaching open air to "Organic Congregations." I'll let him describe to you what an organic congregation is in detail if you're interested. But basically it's a captive audience. People line up outside of stores, sporting events, restaurants, etc. - and there just standing there waiting. People like Steve Sanchez take advantage of this Organic Congregation and preach the gospel to them.
Splash Cafe' in Pismo Beach, CA makes a famous Clam Chowder Bread Bowl. On weekends, there may be twenty to thirty people standing in line outside (wrapped around the side of the building) waiting to get their clam chowder. About every ten minutes or so there is a fresh bunch of ears just standing there waiting. This is our organic congregation.
On Palm Sunday 2010, Brother Al Martinez and Sister Kristi Walker came and spent the afternoon with me evangelizing in Pismo Beach. Upon arriving in Pismo we decided to take advantage of the crowd gathered outside of Splash Cafe'.

To GOD alone be the glory!


  1. Great job Allen, Kristy, and Al! May God grant repentance to those who heard.

  2. There were those in the short line-up who were obviously attentive to you guys the whole way through. Well done, friends. His word shall not return to Him void. Glory to God!