Sunday, April 25, 2010

What Happened to Tolerance at Earth Day SLO?

What happened at the Earth Day Celebration at Mission Plaza, SLO when I was invited behind a booth to sit and chat about spiritual matters? Watch this 28 second teaser to find out.

Why was the Reverend unhappy with me? Come back later this week to find out.

Is this what you would call building bridges of understanding among diverse traditions?


  1. She was calm with you and even called you "sweetheart". I hope you did the right thing and succumbed her request to just "go away".

    But something tells me otherwise. Looking forward to seeing the outcome.

  2. That's the problem with posting just a portion of the video. Once you watch both videos you’ll have the context which will bring things into perspective. It’s true - I've blown it before (saying the wrong thing or doing the wrong thing) when out heralding the gospel. The thought of being a reproach to the great Name of Jesus Christ grieves me very much.

    I value your input brother. Watch both videos and provide some critique. I know my conscience isn’t perfect but up to this point, my conscience is clear in the things I said and what I did. But as I said, if you see/hear any thing wrong in what I said or did, please let me know. By His grace I'm teachable. Thanks for your comments.